Why it is important to preserve the natural balance of the skin

Published on 14 November 2017


Healthy skin requires a good balance between oil and water:
Its protective layer, the hydrolipidic film, is neutral.
Its skin texture is then smooth and even.

When the skin is correctly balanced, its protective moisture barrier is able to protect from UV rays and free radicals: it prevents from moisture loss and maintains a lasting and healthy glow.


When challenged by internal or external factors, the skin’s normal balance will be replaced with a new order that, if not treated, could lead to higher energy consumption and “stress” which as a consequence, could damage the natural protection shields and favour redness, premature sign of aging or other skin issues.

Imbalanced skin cannot receive the full benefit from the skincare active ingredients.

So, if you’re doing everything right in your skincare routine but do not see the results you want, the reason might be that your skin is imbalanced.

Consumers struggling to find balance in their daily lives also experience this struggle for balance on their own skin and are in a continuous search for the right solution.

The imbalanced skin could be caused by different factors: food, alcohol, smoke, pollution, stress, tiredness, sun, chemicals and cosmetics.


Most of the time, many customers try to fight against skin disorders by applying wrong skincare products, not adapted to individual needs or too aggressive and increasing the imbalance.

A good skin analysis can show the most effective way to balance your skin condition and moisture level. The care required for each individual to achieve healthy, clear and radiant skin is as unique as the individual.

All the products in TRUE NORTH will deliver their active ingredients in concentrations that your skin will benefit from to recover its natural balance: not too much, not too little …

Stay healthy through what you eat, how you exercise, how you treat your skin, and how much you smile and laugh!