My SkinCoach has been programmed to combine the specificities of the formulation of True North products, a range of treatments whose objective is to de-stress and (re)balance the skin.

For a better experience, you just have to take your diagnosis, and adopt a routine adapted to your needs. The benefit is you can monitor the progression of the skin treatment due to the history of your consultations.


My SkinCoach is now available on the True North website. A new tool of consultation et de recommandations, which will help you to choose the good products adapted to your skin and needs.

Easy to use, you can try it right now : here

How to measure the evolution of your skin


Unfortunately, assessing needs and interpreting results is not easy and requires a certain level of expertise as well as sophisticated equipment. To do so, Jan teamed up with a Californian medical imaging specialist and developed a first machine and algorithm (which he called My Skin Navigator)that accurately analysed the skin and prescribed a personalised routine based on actual scientific data.

The drawback was that this equipment was expensive, difficult to handle and transport, and the results virtually impossible to interpret without a strong scientific background.


Taking advantage of the improved definition of recent mobile phone cameras , Jan managed to turn his program into the first-of-its-kind mobile application : My SkinCoach.

An extremely precise skin analysis and evaluation tool that provides everyone with not only a prescription and a routine promising to help maintain or rebalance, but also a tool for monitoring the progression of the skin treatment.


To make science accessible to all, the system translates the complex data measured through 155 control points in each pixel into 4 simple, easily understandable criteria:

  • The level of Hydration (water)
  • The rate of Dryness (oil)
  • The level of Sensitivity (redness)
  • The characteristics of fine and deep Lines.

My SkinCoach then delivers an assessment of the skin at a given point in time, and adapts its recommendations to ever changing  conditions.

This way, everyone can measure their skin at any time, but also have their own skincare routine adapted to their real needs.


Combining the science of SkinCoach and the effectiveness of the True North skincare range, Jan Behrens achieved his dream of giving everyone the chance to balance their skin in a gentle, natural yet compelling manner, somehow the way Scandinavians balance their lives! 



When most brands focus on treating the visible skin disorders with sometimes aggressive products, Jan Behrens gained the conviction that the priority was to rebalance the skin first.

For this, he looked in the market and finally formulated his own range with the most effective natural ingredients to provide the skin with only what it needs – and allow it to naturally eliminate what it does not.


After several years testing various formulations, Jan managed to finalise a short range of simple and natural products that effectively rebalance the skin.

To do so, he dismissed a number of ingredients that he considered too aggressive and finally had a special combination of Aloe Vera and Pentavitin specifically formulated for True North. 


In simple terms, his Aloe Vera Balancing Complex is the association of Pentavitin, a plant derived ingredient, 100% natural, used for its ability to strengthen the skin barrier and lock moisture in the skin for 72 hours, and pure organic Aloe Vera extracts, well-known for their moisturising and healing action.

As a result, the complex calms and prevents inflammation, intensely hydrates the skin for a long period, and helps protect itself by rebuilding its natural defense mechanisms. 


Being influenced by his Scandinavian background, Jan also thinks that life should remain simple ! One of this objectives was therefore to put together a range that would be short, straightforward and effectively treat most situations while remaining gentle to the skin.

To do so, he decided to formulate each product at the right level of concentration to treat the lightest conditions. He then played on the routine to combine the formulas and get the appropriate level of actives to treat the most severe cases.

This approach explains why, in the simplest cases where the skin is balanced and has no particular deficit, his routine can be limited to only two products, a cleansing milk and a tonic lotion that will maintain the balance,

while more emollient products or more concentrated formulas (day or night cream, serum, anti-pollution cream etc …) will be necessary when the conditions become more severe.


A majority of skin disorders result from an imbalance between oil and water.

The secret is to balance your skin the way Scandinavians balance their lives ! 


CHAPTER 2 – The skin face extreme conditions !



When the skin is stressed because of too intense aggressions or extreme conditions, it can not find its own balance, and then develops a series of small skin problems including redness, lines and other reactions … which make it less beautiful … and especially uncomfortable.

The skin then needs a help, which often takes the form of a cosmetic treatment.


During his career, Jan had the opportunity to look at the composition of many cosmetic brands. He realized that often, many tend to focus on the visible skin disorders by treating it with ingredients that are certainly effective, but very aggressive. Whereas in reality it would be necessary to bring the skin back to its balance, which has been lost, to handle the majority of cases, it may take a bit longer but will be more sustainable over time.
Thus, Jan Behrens has acquired the conviction that it is necessary in reality to set up a simple and regular routine based on natural products in order to maintain or to find, gently and as naturally as possible, this balance oil-water :

the key for a beautiful skin.


The idea is, with few products, which complement each other to gain efficiency, treat the skin in good conditions
Hence the creation of True North, clean care, a simple routine to maintain its oil-water balance.

You will know more about our products in the next chapter … see you next week !!

Xoxo from True North.

Chapter 1 : Once upon a time … Jan Behrens,  the founder of TRUENORTH


Jan Behrens, the founder of TRUENORTH, combines a medical education, a scientific research background  and a sales & marketing beauty experience.

Indeed, he is a Danish Medical Research Specialist, educated by the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, he started his career with 8 years in research & development for a global pharmaceutical company and work for a leading Danish skincare company. He gained ever more beauty industry knowledge.


During his career, Jan found that many customers were applying skincare products that were not adapted to their individual needs.

He also realised that a scientific diagnosis of the skin was rarely done, due to a lack of expertise and proper equipment in the stores.

He met several cases where the skin was imbalanced, that is, had an unhealthy balance of oil and water. Such situation leads to higher energy consumption and stress, which in turn damages natural protection shields and favours the development of all kinds of skin disorders.


Inspired by his scientific background and his Scandinavian culture, Jan Behrens is convinced that, except in the extreme cases of diseases that require specific medical treatment, the skin knows, on a daily basis, to maintain itself a balance between oil and water, which varies according to the conditions and the environment to which the skin is exposed


The skin is often confronted to conditions that prevent her to maintain her balance itself.

What solution Jan Behrens find to remedy this problem ?

The answer in the next chapter … see you next week !!

Discover 5 tips to feel destress

What is the “stress” ?

Stress is a factor that causes tension.

It causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for skin problems to heal.

Stress causes your body to make hormones that can turn into an enemy of the skin skin if it remains in excess over a long period of time and can make oil.

Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.

If you have an issue that doesn’t heal or keeps coming back, rethink how you handle stress.

5 tips to feel better

You probably can’t avoid stress completely, but you can try ways to handle it better.

Try these approaches:

1. Take care of your skin even if you run out of time.

2. Do your skincare routine everyday : cleanse morning and evening your ski. Apply a good day cream. Then, apply a good replenishing night cream after your cleansing ritual at bedtime.

3. Get exercise, you burn of some of the stress hormones and it will clear your mind. On top of that your skin will appreciate it. If you have 20-30 minutes per day where you can walk or run you are already doing better.

4. Spend some “me” time where you sit down with a cup of tea, after having taken a soothing bath, don’t hurry but try to enjoy every minute and give yourself some “me” time.

5. Talk to your friends and explain how you feel, maybe they feel the same. You are not alone with this sensation of stress…


Balance your life it’s balance your skin.

Avoid products too concentrated not to attack your skin.
The priority is to rebalanced the oil and moisturizing to keep maintain the skin’s healthy glow.

For that, measure your skin with the app “My Skin Coach” which allow you to have a skincare routine adapted to your needs.


Be nice to your skin everyday, and keep checking how your skin feels ! » It takes time to rebalance skin, but it takes very little to keep it balanced !

Anna Katrine shares her “Hygge” wellness tips and beauty routine


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is make a cup of coffee or tea to slowly wake up my body. I also open the windows (even in winter) to get in some fresh air (my boyfriend doesn’t love that…)!

Do you have any particular eating habits or diet?

I don’t like diets. I don’t think it’s good for you to focus too much on food. I eat what I want and what I think is good for my body. A lot of healthy food, and in that way, I also have space for the sweet stuff when I crave it! I would never deny myself any food.

Are you addicted to sport and exercise?

I love sports and I try to work out almost every day. Not because it’s something I have to do, but because it makes me feel good and it clears my mind. I love doing hot yoga at the moment, followed by a long shower with time to apply my True North body lotion. It is good for the mind as well as for the body.

Do you have a well-being ritual?

I love to watch movies and I also read a lot of books. If I really need to relax and feel good, I will make myself a big cup of tea and read a book or watch a movie. After that you can only feel good!


What is your skincare routine?

I wash my skin every morning only with water, and in the evening I normally use cleansing milk. My skin is not really complicated and doesn’t need much. But of course, it needs moist; so every morning and every evening I put on my face a cream called ‘De-stressed’ from True North. I love it because it is not too heavy on the skin and absorbs quickly!

What is your current beauty obsession?

My Scandinavian skin is pretty sensitive to the sun, so in the summertime I use sunscreen every day, but until now I have found it difficult to protect my lips. Now, however, I’ve discovered the protective lip balm from True North and it has saved my life (lips)!

What is your make-up look?

Actually, I don’t really wear make-up unless I am going out. And then it will only be mascara and maybe concealer. I will always go for the natural look!

What are your essential beauty products?

The essential beauty products for me are my day cream from True North, a sunscreen and the protective lip balm from True North. In that way, I can keep my face natural, healthy and fresh and really, I don’t need much more.


Where would be your ideal place to disconnect from the world?

In my aunt’s house in Tuscany, there’s no Internet connection, just nature. Oh, and a swimming pool!

What is your favourite restaurant?

I recently discovered the Ramen dish, so at the moment I really like the place ‘Papa Ramen’ just nearby my place in Copenhagen. Other than that I really really love Italian food!

Where would you buy a gift?

I love to buy books, but recently I also gave my mom a cream from True North, and she loved it! I like to give people gifts that can make them relax or feel good in some way. Or anything that refers to the Danish ’Hygge’!


Healthy skin requires a good balance between oil and water:
Its protective layer, the hydrolipidic film, is neutral.
Its skin texture is then smooth and even.

When the skin is correctly balanced, its protective moisture barrier is able to protect from UV rays and free radicals: it prevents from moisture loss and maintains a lasting and healthy glow.


When challenged by internal or external factors, the skin’s normal balance will be replaced with a new order that, if not treated, could lead to higher energy consumption and “stress” which as a consequence, could damage the natural protection shields and favour redness, premature sign of aging or other skin issues.

Imbalanced skin cannot receive the full benefit from the skincare active ingredients.

So, if you’re doing everything right in your skincare routine but do not see the results you want, the reason might be that your skin is imbalanced.

Consumers struggling to find balance in their daily lives also experience this struggle for balance on their own skin and are in a continuous search for the right solution.

The imbalanced skin could be caused by different factors: food, alcohol, smoke, pollution, stress, tiredness, sun, chemicals and cosmetics.


Most of the time, many customers try to fight against skin disorders by applying wrong skincare products, not adapted to individual needs or too aggressive and increasing the imbalance.

A good skin analysis can show the most effective way to balance your skin condition and moisture level. The care required for each individual to achieve healthy, clear and radiant skin is as unique as the individual.

All the products in TRUE NORTH will deliver their active ingredients in concentrations that your skin will benefit from to recover its natural balance: not too much, not too little …

Stay healthy through what you eat, how you exercise, how you treat your skin, and how much you smile and laugh!

Welcome to Denmark, TRUE NORTH’s home country, considered to be the country with the happiest people on Earth.
Even if …, night is falling early, cold is there nine months a year and taxes are quite high …
Therefore, the secret of this happiness must be sought in the Danish art of living, also called Hygge, which enhances well-being, simplicity and conviviality and gives birth to a feeling of immediate satisfaction.


At the beginning, it was about meeting up with family or friends, keeping out from harsh external aggressions; today Hygge refers to enjoying nice simple moments of everyday life, together with close friends and family.

Making your place as cosy as possible: subduing lights, enjoying candles light, creating a peaceful and comfortable haven, where time has no hold
Taking breaks, curling up in a cosy plaid, enjoying a cup of tea with a delicious piece of cake.

Developing kindliness, with oneself and towards the others.
Refocusing on oneself, on places and people who make us feel good, so as to find your own balance.

Taking care of oneself to get the strength to better face problems.
According to Meik Wiking, director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, it is “the feeling that we are safe, sheltered from the world, and that we can drop one’s guard “.


The art of cocooning can very well be transposed into your beauty routine: special moments to take care of yourself.

Adopt a holistic approach of this moment, i.e., take care of your skin, listen to your body and identify your real needs.

Take a warm bath, light a few candles and apply TRUE NORTH DE-STRESSED MASK. This feeling of immediate well-being will make you feel happy, hence radiant!