Published on 15 October 2018

Discover 5 tips to feel destress

What is the “stress” ?

Stress is a factor that causes tension.

It causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for skin problems to heal.

Stress causes your body to make hormones that can turn into an enemy of the skin skin if it remains in excess over a long period of time and can make oil.

Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.

If you have an issue that doesn’t heal or keeps coming back, rethink how you handle stress.

5 tips to feel better

You probably can’t avoid stress completely, but you can try ways to handle it better.

Try these approaches:

1. Take care of your skin even if you run out of time.

2. Do your skincare routine everyday : cleanse morning and evening your ski. Apply a good day cream. Then, apply a good replenishing night cream after your cleansing ritual at bedtime.

3. Get exercise, you burn of some of the stress hormones and it will clear your mind. On top of that your skin will appreciate it. If you have 20-30 minutes per day where you can walk or run you are already doing better.

4. Spend some “me” time where you sit down with a cup of tea, after having taken a soothing bath, don’t hurry but try to enjoy every minute and give yourself some “me” time.

5. Talk to your friends and explain how you feel, maybe they feel the same. You are not alone with this sensation of stress…


Balance your life it’s balance your skin.

Avoid products too concentrated not to attack your skin.
The priority is to rebalanced the oil and moisturizing to keep maintain the skin’s healthy glow.

For that, measure your skin with the app “My Skin Coach” which allow you to have a skincare routine adapted to your needs.


Be nice to your skin everyday, and keep checking how your skin feels ! » It takes time to rebalance skin, but it takes very little to keep it balanced !