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Balance, source of Beauty

This vision inspired Jan Behrens, a Danish medical doctor, researcher and founder of TRUE NORTH.

His approach to Beauty is deeply anchored in the Scandinavian culture, where stress doesn’t have a place and where Well-being, Simplicity, and Balance are always favoured in all aspects of life.

A beautiful skin is therefore a well-balanced skin, one that can play its protective function against external agressions and maintain a lasting healthy glow. An unbalanced skin, on the other hand, will not take full benefits from potent active ingredients. The use of too concentrated, too agressive or unsuitable products may only further aggravate the skin imbalance.

Not too little, not too much !

Influenced all at once by the Scandinavian beauty, years of research and the learnings of his scientific skin diagnosis system tested on more than 100,000 women, Jan Behrens developed TRUE NORTH. An effective skincare line that provides the skin with the right amount of active ingredients for optimum results. A simple routine devoted to women who want to keep a healthy and natural glow.

Our products


A line that protects and boosts the natural skin defense mechanism thanks to the unique aloe vera balancing complex .

It offers regained hydration balance, immediate soothing and visibly destressed skin to reveal a radiant youthful beauty.

No mineral oils

No parabens

Minimum use of fragrance


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